PR4: roboSTEAMkids Clubs Tool Kit : Setting Up


The CLUBS development is expected to empower organizations and teachers by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of EU expenses and financial support of the program through the introduction of standards, monitoring rubrics, guidelines, and other supporting actions necessary to ensure product participation, success, and sustainability. PR4 will provide the opportunity for each partner to establish the roboSTEAMkids CLUBS that they have decided to design for their school, implement the project outputs and use the resources created, evaluate and modify them before they are openly given for use at the national and EU levels.

By the end of this PR, a large number of students, teachers, and experts will have been involved, and a thorough PROGRAMME with all associated tools (Competence framework, Open Badge system, Tool Kit, learning modules, campaign, petition, competition, etc.) will be produced and distributed to schools, public and local governments, and other organizations for implementation.